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Toddlers - Elementary

 Summer Camp Hot Lunches

Optional Hot Lunches are available for purchase for your camper Monday - Thursday.  We go on field trips most Fridays, on which students must bring fully disposable packed lunches, so there is no hot lunch option for Fridays.  Monday and Tuesday Hot Lunches are provided by SmartLunches and can be ordered directly from the SmartLunch website.  Wednesdays, we serve Chick-fil-a Chicken Nuggets and on Thursdays, pizza is available from Pizza Boli's.




To order Monday or Tuesday SmartLunch Hot Lunches for your camper click HERE.


To order Wednesday Chick-fil-a Hot Lunches for your camper, click HERE.


To order Thursday Pizza Hot Lunches for your camper, click HERE.



*Gluten-free options available daily

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